It was his first magical boat ride through “It’s A Small World” as a boy that sparked Johnny O’Neil’s fascination with melody and composition. After that trip inside Fantasyland, he became immersed in music and, at age 14, began playing instruments nearly full time. “When I was a teenager, a bully made fun of me for being a musician. Just to prove to him that I was going to be great, I started aggressively practicing,” laughs Johnny. “Look at what that got me …. A one-way ticket to Hollywood!” Yes, not only has he arrived, but has partnered with Teragram composer Albert Mata to inspire the creation of the Accidental Sound Library (ACS), and neither has looked back. 

Johnny actually stumbled into the position of trailer editor at big houses like Trailer Park, Buddha Jones, and Netflix. Being in a position to select cues to cut to picture reminds him that writing motion-picture advertising music and musical sound design is an art unto itself. “I learned Pro Tools quite some time ago, but I’ve moved over to Ableton. I also use a lot of Native Instruments and U-He synths. Fab Filter is great too.” 

Johnny thinks about Accidental Sound with part of his brain as a sort of compartmentalized craft, creating sounds organically and then combining them with manipulated samples, thereby offering a completely unique and hands-on effect to the score. Teragram is thrilled to discover what collection of cues will arrive next.

“Teragram is part of my continuing journey into the infinite of time and space. It’s an exciting proposition to make great and interesting tracks for the world to see and hear.”

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