Joe Berry is a multi-instrumentalist and a member of the wildly successful French electronic music project known as the band M83. When Joe is not touring the world, his work is a compelling coalescence of creative titles including composer, producer, educator, and puppeteer. In other words, Joe is adventurous — just like his music. 

Joe holds a Bachelors of Music in Jazz Studies with emphasis in both Saxophone Performance and Composition and earned his Masters of Music in Jazz and Improvisational Music. His education is just about the only traditional aspect of his curriculum vitae, though. You might recognize him from a Michel Gondry-directed Chobani yogurt commercial next to composer Jon Brion, or on MTV as a dancing saxophonist in Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off video. Joe was also a member Save Ferris, is a rotating member of Wayne Kramer’s free jazz experimental Lexington Arts Ensemble group, and Vice President of artist development for the Joe Zawinul Foundation For Achievement. 

Joe jumped into the deep end of the world of score with the feature film C.O.G. It was the first-ever cinematic adaptation of a work by David Sedaris and expectations were high. Luckily, his approach to underscore was so completely unique that it earned accolades among the most devoted Sedaris fanatics. Influenced by his experience with teacher Leo Eylar of the California Youth Symphony and admiration of groundbreaking composer Steve Reich, Joe utilized a minimalist approach with a unique application. He used his own body — torso, mouth, throat, limbs and only found objects to invent organic sounds and beats he created while scoring to picture — while always focusing on rhythm first. It was inspired. 

Hence, his first series with TERAGRAM is entitled Organic Rhythms. 

"I’m always thinking of the curated experience. When dancers are moving, they’re all moving rhythm. They are literally processing out a beat that is a rhythm that if you speed it up becomes a pitch. To me, that is some pretty deep stuff."

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