Composer Edi Roque comes to Los Angeles as a transplant via fertile musical ground -- Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he was born and is one of the country’s unsung guitar champions. Edi was a youngster when he won Best Melodic Solos Award in a South American guitar contest in 2011, but it helped define his musical vision. His electric guitar is at its center, with countless other instruments circling that target.

His second passion is collecting rare and vintage equipment, which, of course, he utilizes to their fullest extent in his recordings. Creating his solo albums and cues from the ground up -- using only analog sounds and his own mix of modern and archival recordings which he performs and captures live -- Edi will often play every sound himself, even when learning a new instrument from day one is required. 

“No notes were harmed in the making of this recording,” Edi jokes, “which is usually the biggest challenge as a songwriter.” Diving deep into the parallel universes of many musical eras in the neverending pursuit of tone, with or without lyrics, Edi’s music has real meaning. 

“My music is colorful sounds for animals, plants and human beings alike.”

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